In September 2006 Simon Trapnell, the director of the Nature in Art Museum at Wallsworth Hall, Twigworth, Gloucestershire contacted Tina Oloyede aartika-fractal-art to discuss a proposal to stage a fractal art exhibition for the spring of 2007. At a meeting a couple of months later, the format and logistics of setting up the exhibition were finalised. Janet Parke infinite-art  was invited to join Tina as a key exhibitor and to begin the selection process for the remaining exhibition pieces. Invitations were sent out to members of the international fractal art community to submit twelve images each to be considered for inclusion.

The response was fantastic - twenty seven artists submitted over two hundred and fifty images, which were eventually whittled down to just thirty four exhibits - nine each of Tina and Janet's pieces and sixteen from other artists. In addition to the framed prints on display were a few pieces already owned by the museum:
The key feature of the exhibition was to tie in fractal art to the various fractal forms that so often occur in nature itself. In addition to the art exhibition, which ran from March 20th to April 15th 2007, a well attended evening event was organised at which Tina Oloyede gave a lecture introducing the concept of fractals in nature and fractal art, which went down well with the guests who attended.
The artists other than Janet Parke infinite-art  and Tina Oloyede aartika-fractal-art , whose art was displayed were Elizabeth Thallauer, Etienne Saint-Amant EtienneSaintAmant , Samuel Monnier s31415 , Kerry Mitchell lkmitch , Linda McCarthy, Heather Lamb missie-mandelbrot  , Damien Jones fractalus , Linda Hill, Lenora Clark littledeviltoo , Katherine Bendtsen and Ronald Barnett.

All in all the exhibition was very exciting to be part of and was well received and well attended!
A selection of the images that were included in the exhibition:
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The exhibition had a two page colour write up in the museum's monthly newsletter:
A few photos from the exhibition:
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The Nature in Art Museum has retained the collection of framed prints, which is available to other galleries and museums as a Touring Exhibition.

Full details of how to organise this can be found here: ART OF INFINITY EXHIBITION and here for Terms & Conditions
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